A Message from Whitby’s Member of Parliament

Whitby is a warm, welcoming, and family-oriented community that is growing rapidly, becoming more diverse, and striving to build sustainable neighbourhoods and vibrant downtowns.

Known for its high standard of living, along with its thriving small business community, its natural features and parks, its world-class recreational facilities, its historic places, and its innovative community organizations, Whitby is a community of choice for many.

I am fortunate to have many opportunities to connect with constituents regarding their concerns and what can be done on a federal level to support them.

Improving the lives of Canadians and Whitby residents has always been my number one priority.  As Whitby’s Member of Parliament, I am accountable to the residents of Whitby, and my office and team are ready to assist in federal matters.

We listen to and advocate for our constituents and do our utmost to resolve cases on a daily basis.  We seek to be responsive and professional in our interactions and help people get information and answers to their questions.  We promote community engagement and the generation of creative solutions, whether they be initiatives on-the-ground in Whitby or policy ideas for consideration at the national level.

Please reach out to my constituency office with any concerns, questions, or ideas you may have.  We value your contributions and feedback.  My staff and I look forward to assisting you.

Member of Parliament for Whitby

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Today, on September 24th, as the sun sets, Jewish communities here and around the world will observe the beginning of Yom Kippur, also known as the Day of Atonement.

On this holiest day in the Jewish calendar, families and friends will gather to fast, pray, and seek forgiveness. It`s a time for spiritual renewal and reconciliation, a chance to think about the past year and to start the new year with optimism, goals, and determination.

G’mar Chatima Tova! #yomkippur

Today, I had the honour of attending President Zelenskyy’s address to our Parliament! 🇺🇦

“Justice is not an empty word for Canada.”

I am proud of 🇨🇦’s work to mobilize G7 leaders to confiscate Russian assets & compensate Ukraine for the devastation Russia has caused.
Justice must prevail.

Canada stands with Ukraine.
That`s why we`re supplying,
➡️$650 million in armoured vehicles
➡️$500 in military assistance
➡️$34M in development assistance including mental health support
➡️Sanctions on 63 Russian individuals and entities
➡️$8.3M in peace and security efforts

Learn more here 👇

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